I dub thee “Featured Video Thursday”

Kind of trips off the tongue… as so many of my great pronouncements do.  Hence forth, Thursday will be known as featured video day here at Escaping Utopia.  Feel free to pause and absorb the great import of this moment in history as it unfolds before you.

I suppose it’s an unusual choice for someone who claims to enjoy blogging to hand over perhaps 1/7 (or more depending on how crazy the week has been – she mumbled to herself) of her output opportunity for showcasing ideas from other creative minds.  Well, there are two big reasons for this editorial direction.

First, I really like scoping out artistic displays of conservative/libertarian values, and it seems only natural that those examples should be shared with Utopian followers who might enjoy the same things.

Second, and this is obviously the primary concern, I’m a lazy blogger who feels dogged by conscience when there’s no new content provided to her thousands upon thousands of clamoring followers.

Anyway, we premiere our Featured Video Thursday with Andrew Klavan from the Daily Wire: Here we watch his supreme exercise in political satire –

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