The Kavanaugh Conundrum #DrainTheSwamp

Kavanaugh is a learned and - by all accounts - decent man of preeminent legal qualification who was rightly nominated by President Trump for a position on the Supreme Court. By any rational standard, he ought to be confirmed. Instead, he is being destroyed by the Democrat's leviathan of hypocrisy and State sponsored terror because he's not impassioned enough about baby killing to meet the Left's litmus test for holocaustic enlightenment.

Kavanaugh. Midterms. Gonna teach Republicans a lesson? Here’s the lesson.

Brett Kavanaugh is the least objectionable right-of-center candidate that Democrats could be asked to stomach - withstanding an off-the-rails nomination of Michael Moore in his stead. Yet here they are objecting to Kavanaugh using the most extreme and convoluted means possible. So what does that mean for conservative judges and conservatism as a whole?

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