Kavanaugh. Midterms. Gonna teach Republicans a lesson? Here’s the lesson.

Brett Kavanaugh…on the whole, he’s a pretty unobjectionable, milquetoast character that should be the best-case scenario judge for Progressives who literally have no power over the Supreme Court nomination process at this time.  Yet…and hold tight because this sentence is a statement and a half unto itself…Dianne Feinstein has chosen to eleventh-hour grandstand with an incoherent, hard-Left-leaning, possible assault victim turned professor/activist who claims Kavanaugh attacked her in a drunken stupor over thirty years ago during a high school kegger when he was seventeen…even though she has no clear recollection of the facts, no witnesses, never told anyone but a therapist three decades after the fact, and may or may not have an axe to grind over a foreclosure hearing that Brett Kavanaugh’s mother ruled over…again, some thirty years ago.

What the hell?

You know, in terms of disposition, history reflexively maintains that Democrats are like magical doves of peace spreading love, rainbows and other people’s money through the world in the pursuit of coexistence while Republicans are barbaric hawks of despair who seek to starve your grandmother and conquer the world through hegemonic might.  This prevailing conclusion is mindlessly drawn because Dems presumably prefer diplomacy over might, and the GOP is supposedly all too eager to flex America’s interests through jingoistic white, male-dominated supremacy and military muscle.

Those politics of inversion gain credence through the Left’s constant repetition and reinforcement within our educational systems, our vast Left-leaning media complex and our politics as a whole, so conservatives indolently accept the platitudes without giving them much thought other than, “Dude, I wish that more people liked me.”  We rarely consider our political reality over preponderant mythology, and we never adapt conservative responses to this War on Liberty that the globalist Progressives have been waging for lo these many decades.

The truth be told, Democrats are brutal, tenacious warriors who always have their eyes on that big picture prize of a worldwide caste system.  Republicans – representatives and voters alike – on the other hand, are groggy reactionaries who appear to have overdosed on their Melatonin supplements, who are generally a minimum of five steps behind in their responses, who never take the offensive and who are so predictable in their engagement as to appear retrogressive.

Brett Kavanaugh is the least objectionable right-of-center candidate that Democrats could be asked to stomach – withstanding an off-the-rails nomination of Michael Moore in his stead.  Yet here they are objecting to Kavanaugh using the most extreme and convoluted means possible.  So what does that mean for conservative judges and conservatism as a whole? 

Look, in terms of strategy, this is not a chess game.  This is some whacked out, Sheldon-esque, three-dimensional chess/Monopoly hybrid that simultaneously seeks to erode conservative confidence in constitutional authority, to send a shot across the bow to any uppity conservative judge who hopes he or she might one day sit on the highest court but may not be as squeaky-clean as Kavanaugh, to amp up the hard-Left voters for the midterm elections and to maneuver a Dem win in November that will manifestly alter the nation’s future using just three strategies.

First – if Democrats win in November, they will put a hard stop to all of those sloth-like reforms that the nation has seen in terms of wall building, tax reform and health care repeal.  Every single meager thing that Donald Trump and the Republicans have reformed will be halted and/or rolled back.  That is a promise that you can make book on.

Second – You think Russia-gate and Deep State-gate are bad now?  Wait until the Dems control Congress.  Impeachment will be the least of Donald Trump’s concerns.  Do you see what they’re doing to Brett Kavanaugh right now when – let’s face it – Kavanaugh is practically Puritanical in comparison to pretty much everyone else in the Western hemisphere?  Now imagine what they can do to Trump and really anyone else.  It will make Stalin’s Great Terror look like a trip to the spa.  Quoting Wikipedia for lack of a more accessible source:

The Great Purge or the Great Terror was a campaign of political repression in the Soviet Union which occurred from 1936 to 1938. It involved a large-scale purge of the Communist Party and government officials, repression of wealthy peasants and the Red Army leadership, widespread police surveillance, suspicion of “saboteurs”, “counter-revolutionaries”, imprisonment, and arbitrary executions. In Russian historiography, the period of the most intense purge, 1937–1938, is called Yezhovshchina; literally, “Yezhov phenomenon”, commonly translated as “times of Yezhov” or “doings of Yezhov”), after Nikolai Yezhov, the head of the Soviet secret police, the NKVD, who was himself later killed in the purge. Mobile gas vans were used to execute people without trial. Modern historical studies estimate a total number of Stalinism repression deaths (executions and camp deaths) in 1937–38 as 950,000–1,200,000. 

Can’t happen here?  Why?

Because the Left values life?  They are morally responsible for the murder of 1.3 million children in abortions last year alone.  That’s 50 million since the early 1970s.  They want more abortions and they destroy anyone who would want fewer.

Because the Left craves justice?  They are systematically assassinating the character of every conservative person they can lay their press on with hearsay, innuendo and flat out lies.  They burn neighborhoods with their fascist antifascists, shut down free speech on campuses with their inclusion brigades and use our federal policing agencies to terrorize anyone who won’t toe the line.

Because the Left fears history?  Leftists are the acculturating barbarians who rewrite history, own history, censor history and burn history at will.  They do not fear history because if they lose, they will represent a Machiavellian legacy that will inspire the next attempt to enslave humanity, and if they win, they will write the Pollyanna account of their great civilizing achievements.

Third – and this is absolutely, without a doubt, the most important point to take from the Democrat strategy –  the US Census will be up for grabs.

In 2020, the US Census Bureau will ask households to record which residents are US citizens.  The reasoning behind this question? We need to know who is living in this country.  Those who oppose it believe that any US Census question regarding citizenship will scare illegals into not returning their questionnaires.  Preliminary testing of the survey shows that those who are here illegally flee when asked those questions.

Without that headcount, the Dems will lose representatives, funding and the ability to gerrymander districts in order to maximize voting outcomes, and they will also lose the disenfranchizement power over conservative voters who FOREVER think that their voices don’t matter and elections are irrelevant.  That power should not be discounted so willingly.

Look back at history.  The Dems fight tooth and nail to maintain control for the census because that’s how they make their voting blocks mighty.

They have already begun a legal process for subverting executive authority by having the citizenship questions expunged from the questionnaire.  If the lawsuit – that’s being led by California…as in California’s 9th Circuit…lands at the Supreme Court, we can guess how the current judges will rule and that ruling will likely require a tie-breaker.

And just who will that tie-breaker be?  Brett Kavanaugh the constitutionalist?  Hmmm.  In this whacked out, Sheldon-esque, three-dimensional chess/Monopoly hybrid game, the Dems are already miles ahead in their thinking and the purge has already begun.  Are you standing up for Kavanaugh?  Demanding Kavanaugh?  Are you going to stand up for a Republican-led Congress and demand your voice be heard in November?



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