Gender X – because the Party says so.

Please take out your textbooks and turn to page 137.  Let’s just have a quick recap on Chapter 10 from the Left’s Wild World of Science.  Please take notes on today’s discussion as this information will be on next week’s pop quiz.  Things that you should plan to commit to memory:

  1. If you understand there are two sexes – male and female – and that those sexes are genetically purposeful and necessary for the propagation of our species, then you are a bigoted idiot, a Christian wingnut or a knuckle-dragging troglodyte.
  2. If you believe that regardless of what you add or subtract from a body, that body retains the chromosomal sex assignment that he or she obtained at conception, then you’re a flat-earther.
  3. If you recognize that there are primary and secondary sex characteristics within humans that make men and women vastly different from one another physically, mentally and emotionally, then you may qualify for re-education programs.
  4. Conservatives are dangerous science deniers.

Please note that per the Star Tribune, there was a statement issued on Monday from the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) division explaining that applicants need not provide any documentation if they want to have an X mark that gender spot on their license:

“Gender identification is a self-descriptor like eye color, height and weight.”

For those who are interested in extra credit, using 500 words or less please explain why eye color, height, weight and gender are on the Minnesota Driver’s License if they are subjective identifiers.

Feel free to include an organized list of other idiosyncratic items that the State of Minnesota may want to include on licenses (such as pet cobras, stuffed bunnies and rutabaga sandwiches) as well as a brief description of why Real ID, the fortified driver’s license required by the federal government in the aftermath of 9/11, has been made obsolete by Minnesota’s capricious negligence in its stewardship of legal documentation.

Briefly discuss whether this makes the citizens of the United States more or less safe.

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