Gender X – because the Party says so.

Please take out your textbooks and turn to page 137. Let's just have a quick recap on the latest from the Left's Wild World of Science. Please take notes on our discussion as this information will be on next week's pop quiz. Things that you should plan to commit to memory:

Kavanaugh. Midterms. Gonna teach Republicans a lesson? Here’s the lesson.

Brett Kavanaugh is the least objectionable right-of-center candidate that Democrats could be asked to stomach - withstanding an off-the-rails nomination of Michael Moore in his stead. Yet here they are objecting to Kavanaugh using the most extreme and convoluted means possible. So what does that mean for conservative judges and conservatism as a whole?

Featured Video Thursday from Econ Pop

This particular video is about three years old, but holds within it some particularly timeless messaging on entrepreneurship, subjective value and regulatory interference. It features Andrew Heaton of Econ Pop, which is a division of the Moving Picture Institute. The Moving picture Institute's mission statement:

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