Cardinal Oscar Maradiag in controversy over condemnation. #draintheVaticanSwamp

Per Rodney Pelletier of Church Militant, the head of the Pope's Council of Cardinals Oscar Maradiag has told members of the media that Catholics who are calling for Pope Francis's resignation over the latest US sex abuse scandals are committing the gravest of mortal sins, "a sin against the Holy Spirit." Cardinal Maradiag's charge is... Continue Reading →

Kids and gaming – the art of moderation.

Anyone who has followed my blogging over the years knows that my husband and I are casual gamers.  There are a lot of people who would be embarrassed to admit that - like it's something unusual that denotes a personality deficiency or something.  Not me.  I've been proudly hooked on gaming since Pong.  I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

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