Killing Brett Kavanaugh. #IStandWithKavanaugh

It would have been easier to keep an open mind had I not heard her speak. From my perspective, she was faux-melancholic, sing-songy, glib and a little too gleeful for my heightened sensibilities. To me, Ford No, wrong word. It was more than off-putting. Her entire testimony reminded me of nails on a chalkboard. The whole thing was awful. She was right to want to stay home because as a witness, she sucked.

Kavanaugh. Midterms. Gonna teach Republicans a lesson? Here’s the lesson.

Brett Kavanaugh is the least objectionable right-of-center candidate that Democrats could be asked to stomach - withstanding an off-the-rails nomination of Michael Moore in his stead. Yet here they are objecting to Kavanaugh using the most extreme and convoluted means possible. So what does that mean for conservative judges and conservatism as a whole?

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